SexTech Summit

Sextech Summit was a blast!

More than 200 attendees registered for this three day online event. After debuting on the first day with a brilliant keynote session, an intriguing and informative panel discussion of cross-industry experts, and the second day with a jury discussion and an amazing startup show with 10 mind-blowing SexTech start-ups, the SexTech Summit finally concluded on its Day 3 with the interactive Masterclass hosted by Venus O’Hara.

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Morari Medical takes home the Overal Start-Up Award

Overall Winner SexTech Startup Award: Morari Medical
The startup founded in 2017, is introducing the world’s first wearable-Tech solution aiming at eliminating the embarrassment and frustration of premature ejaculation. It is indeed the number one male sexual dysfunction. Morari Medical is working on a neurostimulation product interfering or temporarily inhibiting the nerve signal between the penis and the brain. Thus helping with premature ejaculation or extending the sexual experience.

The perfect Sextoy: Masterclass with Venus O'Hara

The SexTech Summit closed on a one of a kind masterclass hosted by Venus O’Hara. The audience had the privilege to attend the world’s premiere Masterclass of Venus. She used her experience of testing more then 700 sex toys and as Orgasm Activist to describe what makes a great sex toy and what she considers to be the future of sex toys and the industry. She even demonstrated a remote activated sex toy using hers and a colleague’s phone.

Keynote by Bryony Cole

Meet Bryony Cole, the world’s leading authority on sextech, Bryony is fascinated by the way technology permeates every corner of our lives, even the most intimate ones. She is the creator and host of the Future of Sex podcast, founder of Sextech School and Lovehoney‘s resident sextech advisor. We kicked off SexTech Summit with the Bryony´s Keynote talking about the main issues of the sextech world and how to get acquainted with the methods of monetisation in the field of sex, pleasure and education.

Board of Advisory

C-level decision-makers who wants to bring the most innovative and game-changing solutions and business ideas around the SexTech industry on a single platform and facilitate the growth of a cross-industry platform for exchange about sexual wellness and innovative technology.

Claire Midwood


Bryony Cooper

Managing Partner at Arkley Brinc VC

Rachel Braun Scherl

Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Chief Vagipreneur® at SPARK Solutions for Growth

Daniela Märklin

Chief Marketing Officer at Satisfyer

Confirmed Speakers

Claire Midwood


Bryony Cooper

Managing Partner at Arkley Brinc VC

Rachel Braun Scherl

Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Chief Vagipreneur® at SPARK Solutions for Growth

Alice Stewart

Founder at Touchy-Feely Tech

Emilie Wiersma

Founder at Konfettie

Bryony Cole

Founder at SexTech School and Future of Sex

Veronica Munoz

Founder at Kannavie

Megwyn White

Director of Education at Satisfyer

Jemma Sawyer

Founder and CEO at ILOH

Priyal Agrawal

Founder and CEO at StandWeSpeak

Venus O’Hara

Orgasm Activist and Sex Toys Designer

Daniela Märklin

Chief Marketing Officer at Satisfyer

Jeff Bennett

Founder and CEO of Morari Medical

Rachel Johnston

Vice President at Rebellious PR & Consulting

Cathline SMOOS

CEO at ImbueVR

Heather Morrison

Co-founder and CEO at Handi

Emanuela Corti

Co-Founder at Witsense

Alma Ramírez Acosta

CEO & Co-founder at Vibio


Day 1: Conference Track

Let’s Talk about scaling a SexTech business:

15th June 2021, 6 pm – 8 pm CET

Cost: Free entry for participants

In the past when people heard the term SexTech, their minds often jumped to the thought of a vibrator. However these days people are more informed and understand that SexTech encompasses any technology designed to enhance one’s sexuality.

These days more businesses are being formed related to the SexTech sector but it is still far away from attracting big venture capitals, and getting the same attention that the traditional tech industries like medical and fitness enjoy. 

In this event, we invite cross-industrial experts to discuss the challenges, and the opportunities within the sexual wellness ecosystem and address the key issues of scaling a SexTech business.

Speaker Profiles

C-Level industry leaders

Preliminary Agenda

  1. Keynote (15min)

  2. Panel Discussion (60min)

  3. Session: Open Q&A (45min)

Day 2: SexTech Startup Award 2021

Shake it until you break it – the Start-Up Show

16th June 2021, 6pm – 8pm CET
Cost: Free entry for participants

The SexTech Startup Award 2021 seeks to recognize and reward outstanding startups and ecosystem enablers that are contributing to economic dynamism by spurring innovation and injecting competition. We welcome all the hidden champions and game-changers who are working around the field of SexTech.

We will experience a 2-hour startup show where we will witness 10 startups that are building innovative products/solutions, scalable enterprises, with high potential of employment generation or wealth creation, demonstrating measurable social impact. The measure of success will not only be the financial gains for the investors but also the contribution to the social good.

Speaker Profiles

Investors, Start-Up Founders, Advisory Board

Preliminary Agenda

  1. Introduction to the startup format (5min)

  2. Introduction from the jury members (10min)

  3. Start-up show (50min)

  4. Break (10min)

  5. Results (5min)

Day 3: Masterclasses

Learn from the pioneers of SexTech

17th June 2021, 6 pm – 8 pm CET
Cost: 99€ per participant

We offer two interactive Masterclasses from industry veterans and global icons who have made significant and memorable contributions in the landscape of SexTech. The topics of the masterclass will address one of the following themes:

  • opening a business bank account and marketing the products and services on social media.

  • scaling your business and finding your go-to-market strategy, 

  • getting investments from large scale venture capitals

  • product design and development: what does your customer like?

Each of the two masterclasses is limited to 10 participants and would run in parallel for a duration of 2 hours each.

Speaker Profiles

C-Level industry leaders

Preliminary Agenda

  1. Introduction to the Masterclass by the host (5min)

  2. Opening to the session (20min)

  3. Introduction of the participants (20min)

  4. Open Interactive Discussion (70minutes)

  5. Closing Remarks from the host (5min)

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