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Virtual Conference 27th of August 2020

How wearables and close to body technology products transform the perception of a fitness lifestyle?

In our fast pace of digitization, the world of workout and performance enhancement is getting revolutionized by close to body tech solutions.

Fitness is a healthy addiction for people who are looking for better life quality. Whether it is as a hobby or professional competition, results depend on health metrics, and with wearables, we have an opportunity to push the body limits and to improve the efficiency of workouts. We will discuss the role of close to the body tech in the fitness industry and how it is changing the way people exercise. We will have a look on what the future of fitness might bring us and what kind of technology regarding our health and wellbeing should we expect in our daily life. 

In this edition of “Wear It Live” we invite experts from all related fields to discuss new alternative ways and strategies of the fitness industry and what kind of improvements could be done in already existing smart tech.

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Thursday, August 27th 2020

  • CET (Berlin) 6 pm – 7:30 pm
  • PST (Los Angeles) 9 am – 10:30 am
  • EST (New York) 12 pm – 1:30 pm
  • GMT (London) 5pm – 6:30 pm

Confirmed Speakers

more to be announced soon

Spencer Honeyman

SVP of Strategic Partnerships at Vi

Marco Suvilaakso

Fitness and Wellness Industry Expert

Etienne Petermann

Co-Founder at Evomo

Mark Herbst

Performance Manager at EXOS (Google)

Eng. Henrique Lawrence

Founder at ScorerBoots Technology

Paul Robbins

VP of Sports Performance at Kinexon

Preliminary Agenda

Thursday, August 27th 2020 CET+2 (Berlin) 6 pm – 7:30 pm

Panel Discussion (40 min)

  • first-hand industry insights
  • beyond classical fitness: a new approach to the sport and fitness lifestyle with real-time health metrics
  • Wearables as a right tool to personalize workout
  • how to increase motivation and engagement with the help of close to body tech 
  • most promising trends for the fitness industry

Start-up Pitches (10 min)

 Networking (30 min)

The audience can visit the partners’ virtual
company booths and network.

LinkedIn Community

This networking group is dedicated to the exchange between stakeholders of the wearable tech industry and professionals interested in the topic of close to body devices & services. We are bringing together experts from cross-industries, showcasing existing products, upcoming start-up ideas and near-future business concepts that have the potential to impact our lives and disrupt industries.


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Testimonials for Wear It Berlin in the Heatlh Section

“We are visiting Wear It Innovation Summit because we can see that there are a lot of companies that are also operating within this space with very innovative ideas and interesting opportunities and discussions about potential partnering or other types of solutions that are in the market place- so it helps us to have a better overall understanding of what’s going on on the market place.”

Marco Suvilaakso, Chief Strategy Officer at Polar Electro Oy

I am definitely interested to see how value is created, thinking, for example, health care is something for Wear It where I am definitely interested in seeing how you can generate value for individuals in the society at all.

Michael Sahnau, Head of Digital Business Transformation at Microsoft Germany

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