SexTech Revolution

Sexual Wellbeing within the Digital Health Industry

SexTech is relevant and significant for the future of the digital health industry, here is why:

According to Stratistics MRC, the global sexual wellness market accounted for $39.42 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow at 13.4% to reach $122.96 billion by 2026.

The SexTech industry addresses sexual wellness issues and has a place within digital health. Once accepted in the realm of digital health products, the market potential for the SexTech industry is inestimable. Wear It Innovation Summit will hold a panel discussion of medical experts and SexTech pioneers to clearly unpack and explore SexTech’s relevance and significance for the future of digital health. Our hope for the sextech industry is to see it flourish as a positively disruptive force within the digital health industry.

Why the topic is important for the wearable tech industry

SexTech has surmounted challenges relevant to the wearable technology industry. For example, SexTech navigates IoT terrain to deliver reliable connectivity and desired performance between sensors and users.

Despite taboos surrounding the industry SexTech entrepreneurship has seized colossal success and user acceptance. With an unrivaled value chain, SexTech stands confidently poised to spearhead a revolution.

Once accepted in the realm of digital health products, the market potential for SexTech is inestimable. Our mission is to help the SexTech industry flourish as a positively disruptive force within digital health.

Confirmed Speakers 2020

More to be announced soon

Eleanor Hancock

Sex-tech Researcher at Kiiroo

Liz Klinger

Co-founder and CEO at Lioness

Soumyadip Rakshit

CEO and Co-Founder at MysteryVibe

Johanna Rief

Head of Communications at WOW Tech Group

We get very excited every time a new avenue opens up to make sexual health more mainstream and Wear It Innovation Summit is the perfect followup to CES’s first year endorsing SexTech.”

Dr. Soumyadip Rakshit, Co-Founder and CEO at MysteryVibe

SexTech Insights for Wearables Industries

  • Due to SexTech’s huge market success within a short amount of time, it deserves proper attention at Europe’s leading conference on wearable technologies.
  • Startups should look into SexTech because there is much potential for product development. Many devices look and perform similarly. With a little imagination it is not difficult to enter and excel in SexTech development.
  • At Wear It Innovation Summit we will feature exemplary SexTech products that are literally and figuratively shaping the future of SexTech. These pioneers have harnessed the best characteristics of wearable products to gain customer trust into their most intimate space. If one can make it there, one can make it anywhere!

Testimonials in Digital Health

I am excited to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and in the wearable field and motion tracking technologies.

This event is pretty valuable for us as a startup because here we can meet lots of people that are very well connected to the specific industry we are in (the wearable industry).

There are some cool companies and speakers present at Wear It from pretty established startups so I am looking forward to being connected, meet them and learn as much as possible.

Camil Moldoveanu, CEO and Founder of re.flex

I am definitely interested to see how value is created, thinking, for example, health care is something for Wear It where I am definitely interested in seeing how you can generate value for individuals in the society at all.

Michael Sahnau, Head of Digital Business Transformation at Microsoft Germany

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