Sextech Summit Start-Up Award Winner Announced: Premature Ejaculation comes first again!

With 220+ registrations from 35+ countries and a turnout ratio of 61%, the Sextech Summit 2021 kicked off on the 15th of June for a three-day online event series bringing together experts of different industries around the topic of SexTech.

Wear it Berlin proudly hosted a startup show on Wednesday 16th June, enabling ten pre-selected SexTech Startups to pitch their projects and innovations. The event culminated in an award ceremony. The jury of experts awarded three startups in the following categories: Most innovative Startup, Best Sex Factor, and Overall winner of the Startup Award. The startup taking the crown was Morari Medical and its wearable-tech solution created to help with premature ejaculation. 

After debuting on the first day with a keynote session and panel discussion of cross-industry experts. The second day of the SexTech Summit 2021 organised by Wear it Berlin kicked off with a discussion with the jury members of the event. Coming from different industries all three members brought a different perspective to the topic of Sextech and innovation. 

Bryony Cooper comes from the Femtech sector and is now Managing Partner at Arkley Brinc VC, she also co-founded three tech companies by the age of 30. She brought her expertise as a founder and knowledge of wearable technologies. Alongside her was Rachel Braun Scherl, Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Chief Vagipreneur® at SPARK Solutions for Growth. She came in as an expert in Femtech. To complete the jury, and bringing expertise from the SexTech industry as Chief Marketing Officer at Satisfyer, was Daniela Märklin.

During the startup show, ten startups from all over the world pitched their projects and innovations. The jury members had the opportunity to ask questions after in order to better understand the concept and business model of those startups. Finally after deliberations, the jury announced the winners: 

Overall Winner SexTech Startup Award: Morari Medical. The startup founded in 2017, is introducing the world’s first wearable-Tech solution aiming at eliminating the embarrassment and frustration of premature ejaculation. It is indeed the number one male sexual dysfunction. Morari Medical is working on a neurostimulation product interfering or temporarily inhibiting the nerve signal between the penis and the brain. Thus helping with premature ejaculation or extending the sexual experience. 

Innovation Award: Witsense. Founded in 2017, Witsense designs and manufactures sensible innovative products and services with high technological content for people with or without disabilities. For the startup show, they presented Lovewear, which is smart underwear that helps people of all abilities to self-explore and enhances their own intimacy and sexuality. The project was created in the framework of the Re-FREAM Project. The wearer can hug, cuddle, caress, press this interface as a surrogate for the human contact or just explore its surface as he would explore his own body, facilitating gestures.

Sex Factor Award: TouchyFeely-Tech. The startup creates educational kits and experiences that combine electronic hardware, software skills and hands-on craft. Not everyone needs the same stimulation, TouchyFeely-Tech is developing A make-your-own vibrator kit and workshop subscription, designed to introduce the basics of electronics, software and customisable pleasure. Thus enabling everyone to create their own tailored vibrator. 

During the deliberation, the jury members decided to give an honourable mention to the Indian Startup StandWeSpeak for their work in making Sexual Education fun, engaging and accessible by all regardless of age, gender, location and language known using technology. https://standwespeak.com/

The SexTech Summit closed on a one of a kind masterclass hosted by Venus O’Hara. The audience had the privilege to attend the world’s premiere Masterclass of Venus. She used her experience of testing more than 700 sex toys and as Orgasm Activist to describe what makes a great sex toy and what she considers to be the future of sex toys and the industry. She even demonstrated a remote activated sex toy using hers and a colleague’s phone.

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