What happens when a Dutch fashiontech designer teems up with a German live performer?

“Wear it is where all it all started”, said Maartje. Wear it is a platform for all the techies, designers and producers, to help them develop new concepts for wearable techie clothes. Maartje Dijkstra is one of them.
Maartje, the designer, met Lizzy Scharnofske, the performer, in the Wear It 2014 edition. They both were interested in the work of the other one, so after few talks Lizzy proposed to Maartje that it would be great to do something together; something different.

Like with love, distance was never an obstacle, and few weeks later the project started. Some meetings in Berlin, others in some unpronounceable town on the border between Germany and Holland and voilà the project started to take shape.
The result? A combination between high fashion and technology. It started as a personal project made for the artist, Lizzy. But it was the collaboration between Maartje and her, that catapulted Lizzies project to the next level. This way she was able to develop her concept and make room for new possibilities.
With the piece made out of this collaboration Lizzy will perform in the 2015 edition of Wear It. And here, technology, music and fashion have been integrated in one dress. It includes small drums, which are the basis of the music in the show.

It all started for Maartje with an interested in seeing what was going on in the Berlin community of techies and fashion, and fortunately she came across Lizzy and Wear it which for Maartje gives „the opportunity to become a community and work together developing projects.”
Wear It 2015 is at the forefront bringing these kind of collaborations together and give them the platform to be able to push there ideas further.
Maartje will be delighted, to answer questions related with “name of the dress” project for you. Also as proof of the fast development of the wearable fashion, you will of course be able to buy her new designs made with the super new 3D pen straight away. Are you ready for it?