How to make an eye movements controlled wheelchair – at the age of 14 latest!

In her perspective Myrijam Stoetzer waited very long, way to long to build her first robot. She was already in 3rd grade when finally she got a „Lego Mindstorms kit“ for christmas, a project Myriam craved for since her first trip to Berlin that year, which was in 2010. Then her father took her to Berlin to search for an adequate school for his daughter which turned out to be a technic lover and robotics fan.
At this certain trip Myrijam fell in love with a robotics class she joined. But there was a but: Myrijam was way to young to join german „Gymnasium“ which starts at 5th grade and even to young for robotics classes which usually starts in 7th grade.

Wondering how she could survive four years without building her first robot she recieved an amazing Chistmas gift. After finishing her first robot with a little help of her father and a manual, 8-year-old Myrijam decided that it´s time to go on without help, adult advice and for sure without a manuel. And she did.

This year Myrijam is 14 years old, joining robotics class at Franz-Haniel-Gymnasium in Duisburg, drummer in her school band and winner of well-known German “Young Scientist” award amoung others. At Wear It Festival 2015 Myrijam shares her latest idea: a wheelchair operated by eye movement to give disabled people better quality of life.

„I wanted to invent something for people that are not able to move theirselfs after I came across eyewriter project“, Myrijam reported. So she teamed up with robotic classmate Paul Foltin, rebuilded an eye tracker, ordered a standard wheelchair at „ebay Kelinanzeigen“, upgraded the wheelchair with two wind wiper motors which they found at scrap and 3d-printed drive wheels which now turn the big wheelchair wheels…..among others.
At Wear It 2015 Myrijam will be delighted, to answer all questions related to her innovation. Everyone who is bold enough is given the possibility to take a ride in the wheelchair, of course after a short and nessesary briefing by Myrijam.
For sure you meet her on wendnesday evening at Wear It preview, which includes a performance by the group „Nano Kid”. As a true fan Myrijam will be around.