Event Recap: Wearable Tech in the Medical Environment – A New Lifesaver

On 10th September 2020 at #wearitlive we covered how wearables are being used in the medical environment. A huge thanks to our amazing SPEAKERS for their valuable insights! We have learned that?:

Medical certification is the primary prerequisite to be labelled a medical wearable device and it costs between 50million to 100million USD and it takes on average 5 years as explained by Ali from Imperial College London

Organizations need to re-certify their solutions for every new development in the product or any new use-case within the medical environment by Julio Alegria

Subhasis Banerji explained how the medical data from their products is controlled within the hospital infrastructure and the concept of transition to home: how patients could continue their recovery at home.

A medical device could be as simple as a pen or a swab used by the doctor and doesn’t require certification, but a medical wearable device/product needs to undergo clinical trials as mentioned by Hugo Silva and, therefore, requiring a certification.

A wonderful use case of taking care of elderly patients was demonstrated by Pirmin Kelbel, tracking the vital health points and communicating them to clinics/hospitals for a high level of elderly care.

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