Event Recap: FemTech: Wearable Tech by the female leaders of today & tomorrow!

On 25th March 2021, #wearitlive explored #transportation and #wearabletechnology. Our international audience heard all about how the future of #smartvehicles is so much more diverse than #autonomousdriving!

Dr. Katja Kircher from the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) discussed how the #data from #wearables can be used to improve road and transport infrastructure

 Louis-P Huard from Boréal Bikes spoke of how the technology used in #smartcars can be extended to other types of vehicles, for example using proximity #sensors in bikes.

Dr. Viktor Bader from Volkswagen AG explained how his work aims to address #mobility problems beyond the car itself, such as through keeping people warm through #smartclothing instead of in-car heating systems.

Chenchen Yang from LIVALL – Smart Helmet introduced their #smarthelmet, which includes SOS functions, a smart light, a walkie talkie, navigation, and can play music that doesn’t affect your perception while cycling.

Thank you to our panelists, start-up, and audience for participating in our latest event!