Event Recap: Sustainability in Tech

On 4th February 2021, Wear It Berlin held its 11th Wear It Live virtual conference event and discussed Sustainability in Tech.

Nearly 200 people from all over the world registered to hear from a panel of experts who are paving the way for a sustainable future in the fashion, textile, and electronics industries.

The conference focused on how these industries can reduce their societal and ecological footprint.

Hellen van Rees: a Dutch fashion and textile designer who designed an outfit for the pop sensation Lady Gaga, discussed how clothing passports – blockchain-powered QR codes that securely contain items’ history and supply chain – will be the future of sustainable and ethical fashion.

Maria Smolander: a research team leader of the “Flexible sensors and devices” research team at VTT, outlined how there is a push towards replacing conventional electronic materials with renewable raw materials such as wood and bioplastics.

Dr Max Marwede: Head of the Circular Design team at Fraunhofer IZM, spoke of the challenges of transitioning to a circular economy in fashion and technology.

Start-ups: Etisha Collective UG, New Blue, and APeel – each presented their cutting-edge sustainable innovations!

Many thanks to our amazing panelists and start-ups along with Projekt Zukunft, STARTS and Re-FREAM for their support!