Event Recap: Diversity in Wearable Tech

On 2nd December 2020, we addressed the topic of diversity in tech with some wonderful guest speakers having great talks with Mali Baum over diversity in wearable tech.


Four great speakers, Rea Eldem (she/her), Daniela Märklin from @Satisfyer, Suzaan Sauerman & the wonderful Mali M. Baum had a great talk about diversity in wearable tech, their products, as well as clients and much more!

The first great startup company that introduced themselves was witsense by emanuela corti – talking about their wonderful product supporting the diverse community and their sex life.

The second great startup company was the Berlin-based company hers presenting their product helping women with pelvic floor dysfunctions while being represented by Yair Kira and Linda Wonneberger.

It was great having you all participating and of course on stage!