Deutsche Telekom to present their latest exclusive partnership with AlphaTauri and Schoeller : Heatable Capsule Collection


Deutsche Telekom to present latest exclusive partnership with AlphaTauri and Schoeller : Heatable Capsule Collection

We are thrilled to announce that Deutsche Telekom is joining Wear It Berlin at our next event to revolutionise fashion through technology. Antje Hundhausen – Founder of Telekom Fashion Fusion and VP Brand Experience – will speak at our upcoming Wear It Live event FashionTech and will share their latest technological innovation with experts attending from many different fields of fashion and technology. Their newest innovation – the Heatable Capsule Collection – was developed in collaboration with AlphaTauri and Schoeller and is a range of app-controlled heatable jackets and vests. 

Wearers can control the warmth of their jacket or vest using an app, with two heating levels that are integrated into the textile itself. Built-in sensors also measure the jacket or vest’s microclimate and adjust the temperature accordingly. By incorporating heating technology in jackets and vests, the cooperation partners have shown how the technology, design, and textile industries can work collaboratively to create innovative and game-changing new products.

“From vision to wear – we have extended our ecosystem for Telekom Fashion Fusion at its best. On the path to being a digital lifestyle brand we are continually working on the improvement of individual lifestyles and innovative customer experiences – even fashion can be enriched and inspired from technology. The 5G technology will be capable of networking everything in the next few years, creating opportunities for fascinating uses.”

Antje Hundhausen, Founder Telekom Fashion Fusion and VP Brand Experience at Deutsche Telekom AG

Antje Hundhausen, Founder Telekom Fashion Fusion and VP Brand Experience at Deutsche Telekom AG at Wear It Live, Fashiontech at Berlin Fashion Week 2021

The launch of the Heatable Capsule Collection by the cooperative partners is an incredible step forward for strong partnerships in technology and fashion. Wear It Berlin is beyond excited for the partners, and cannot wait to see how the launch progresses and what will come next. To hear more about the Collection from Antje, as well as other cutting-edge digital fashion initiatives, join our FashionTech event on 21st January 2021 from 6pm-8pm CETRegister now!

Deutsche Telekom’s collaborative Collection was officially launched in January 2021, and they joined forces with Wear It Berlin just one day after their launch! We are delighted for Deutsche Telekom to speak at our next event.

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