Big news: Rokoko is joining Wear It Innovation Summit

We are thrilled to announce that Matias Søndergaard, Chief Product Officer at ROKOKO is going to demo and present their Smart Suit Pro on stage! 

Matias identified a clear market need for more accessible mocap believing creatives around the world should not be disadvantaged only based on space and money. With this mindset, Matias helped create Rokoko’s SmartSuit Pro, an accessible sensor-based motion capture suit that seamlessly captures live-action human movement in real-time to support pre-visualization and 3D character animation for movies and video games. Interested in disruptive and transformative phenomena in the tech world, Matias specializes in commercializing and transforming bold ideas into prosperous businesses. His most passionate interests right now are robotics, wearable technologies & virtual reality.


Rokoko is spearheading a paradigm shift in how developers work with human motion data.

The company is based in Copenhagen & San Francisco and works on products such as Smartsuit Pro, Studio, Motion Library. The first step was to democratize the expensive and inaccessible tools and give the opportunity to creators, who never had access to motion capture before, to experience future where the tools are playful and intuitive for everyone. Thanks to Rokoko all ideas can be realized in gaming, films, education, sports, health, live performance and VR world easily and limitless.

Experience the future right now and enjoy the amazing work of Rokoko!

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