Re-Think Fashion by ReFREAM

“Re-Think Fashion” Presented by Re-FREAM & Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

[Madrid, Spain, 27-28.Jan.2020] Under the Motto “Re-Think Fashion,” the Re-FREAM projects’ progress were presented as a part of Mercedes Fashion Week Madrid.

Approximately 70-80 Re-FREAM participants and partners attended public presentations, that exemplified the co-exploration of digitally-enabled, small-scale production/ manufacturing systems between artists and scientists. Re-FREAM unveiled emerging technologies from the artist-scientist collaborations.

Wear It Berlin Manages Hub Berlin

Hub Berlin © Somosmonos, managed by Wear It Berlin

During the two-day midterm gathering, artists from the Berlin, Valencia, and Linz Hubs participated in panel discussions and mentorship sessions to define and refine the last half of the projects’ trajectories.

Hub Valencia © Somosmonos

Between now and the final showcase the 3 Hubs will implement the feedback they received at the Madrid midterm gathering. Wear It Berlin is excited to witness closely the unfolding of anticipated developments in the final products from the Berlin Hub projects at Re-FREAM’s final showcase.

Hub Linz © Somosmonos

Testimonial from “Re-Think Fashion” Midterm Presentations in Madrid:

The first day was a great opportunity for the fashion tech community to get to know the awarded artists, learn more about their projects and how they contribute to the future of fashion. It was also an opportunity for the community to get in touch with the technologies offered by Re-FREAM.

The mid-term presentation in Madrid was also an important gathering for the Re-FREAM partners and artists to update each other on the progress of their projects, receive feedback and discuss the next steps. The participants experienced a multitude of approaches to co-creation and co-learning.

Ioana Puscasu, Head of Events at Wear It Innovation Summit

Re-FREAM Mission

The Mission of Re- FREAM is to co-explore digitally-enabled, small-scale production/ manufacturing systems with artists, designers and researchers in a fully geared-up infrastructure in order to co-create innovate fashion concepts together using novel production technology.