Re-FREAM – We give away 1.100.000 € for Artists in Wearable Tech

Project Info

Client European Union
Skills Project Management, Mentoring

Project Description

Wear It Berlin is managing one of three European Hubs that give designers the chance to co-create innovative fashion concepts together with researchers using novel production technology. 

In three spaces, each of the 20 artists will receive 55.000 EUR funding for co-creating innovative art concepts with us (scientists) within a 9-month-period. These three hubs are based in Valencia, Linz and Berlin and will be your co-creation space for at least one third of the project duration.

Challenges we ask the designers to apply for:

From analog to connected

The integration of electronics into textiles enables new possibilities of how we can communicate with each other in the post-smartphone era and find new ways of interaction between our bodies and our environment.

From 2D to 3D

Traditionally, the predominant use of textiles as fashion materials has led to the development of 2D pattern-making methods for dressing the complex shape of the three-dimensional human body. Nowadays, digital design tools allow us to design easily and 3D print complex shapes for the human body.

From linear to sustainable circular systems

Nature works in cycles – nothing is wasted, everything is reused. In contrast, the textile industry operates in a linear way, leading to extreme wastefulness and pollution.

Project Partners:


Re-FREAM is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825647.