Event Recap: Wearable Robots

??Quick Recap??

On 8th October 2020 at #wearitlive we took a deep dive into the world of wearable robots and understood how the industry has evolved over the years and the what are the new emerging opportunities ??

Key takeaways:

? There are two different types of #exoskeletons: active and passive. The active methods require a continuous power input, while the passive methods are limited by user capability.

? The power of the exoskeletons and prostheses is an important point while developing the #device. It shouldn’t overpower the person who is wearing it but it should provide valuable body support.

? The future of #prostheses can be game-changing, especially when your smart arm potentially could have a bluetooth speaker inside it and many other functions.

? The future of #exoskeletons is bright as well and society can benefit from this #technology to save the health of people in the workplaces at the high-risk industries and simplify the day-to-day life of the elderly people by supporting their arms to bring heavy bags on the 4th floor, for example.

Moreover, the next generation of exoskeletons will recognize their wearers with the help of #AI to amplify the movement on individual bases ?#exoskeletons#tech#wearitlive