Event Recap: Run Lift Track Repeat

On 27th August 2020 at #wearitlive we covered how training habits are changing, and what this means for the traditional #fitnessindustry. A huge thank you to our magnificent SPEAKERS from KINEXON, EXOS, Marco Suvilaakso, Spencer Honeyman, Evomo, and Henrique Lawrence Lopes Ferraz – ME for their following insights:

The industry is evolving with trends as a MIRROR which makes fitness habits more flexible and highly motivational due to real-time feedback.

#Fittechh won’t be replacing the coaches and trainers in the future but an understanding of the technology and the data will be a key for a future-oriented coach/trainer.

#Wearables for professional athletes Vs vs. fitness fans: by developing #fittech for competitive athletes the main focus is on the accuracy of data, but for fitness fans, it’s more about the simplicity of the interface and easy to understand data.

The trust factor is the only way for data security: meaningful data is a combination of different types of data (e.g. sleep patterns, performance data, and nutrition). This demands clear communication in order to build trust among the clients.

The future of #wearables in #fitness is focused on improvement in the quality of #data and its interpretation.

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