Event Recap: Blockchain and Data Security for Wearable Tech

On 14th April 2021, Wear It Berlin took a deep dive into the world of blockchain through its 15th online event: Wear It Live: Blockchain and Data Security for Wearable Tech. The event was witnessed by 110+ people representing 30+ countries and 5 continents.

In this event, we talked about how Blockchain technology has been implemented in varying use cases beyond exchanging virtual coins. One such use case is in providing an effective security layer on top of data management infrastructures via smart contracts. We also talked about how blockchain could be used in the healthcare industry to remove data silos while maintaining user anonymity which leads the patient to trust the data platform.

Picture Credits: Solve.Care

The panel was moderated by Thomas Gnahm, CEO of Wear It Berlin GmbH with an exceptional speaker lineup :

  • Michele Nati: Head of Telco and Infrastructure Development at IOTA Foundation. He explained how wearable devices don’t have to be slowed down by dealing with an entire blockchain and can instead interact with a pruned chain to ensure small and lightweight devices can still work effectively.
  • Philip Andreae: Chief evangelist and a senior advisor at Voatz. He discussed about the growing role of blockchain in e-voting, and how innovations in this area have to balance establishing a voter’s identity while also balancing their privacy.
  • Pradeep Goel: Founder and CEO of Solve.Care. He emphasized how blockchain has a strong role in keeping health data secure, and how the relationship between patients, doctors, and insurance companies will be revolutionised with this technology.
Picture credits: Voatz

The event was further progressed with an open discussion session with the live audience and it was a great experience for the experts from the audience to come and interact with some of the panelists and answer some interesting questions about the current challenges with blockchain.

We would like to thank all our speakers and audience members to making this event a success, and for those who could not get to see the live event, you could click on the link below and watch it already on our YouTube channel.

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