Are you looking at new Wearable Technologies in Munich? Meet us at ISPO

Search wearable technologies in Munich at ISPO with field experts.

If you are interested in sports, performance tracking and digitally enhanced training, let’s meet in Munich! Consult your friendly experts in wearable technologies: Wear It Berlin. Wear It Berlin will be at ISPO Munich looking at the latest developments in textiles and performance tracking. We will explore product innovation in sportswear and product conception for emerging markets in protective wear and smart fashion. Come along with us to see the future of performance and protective clothing. We will also scrutinize the emerging performance wearables in AI-based training and AI workplace wearables in the gaming industry.

Find us at the exhibitions and programs throughout the conference meeting with business leaders and innovators. Grab your tickets now at ISPO Munich and request a date with us between January 26-29, 2020 at hi@wearit-berlin.com.

Wear It Berlin hosts the annual Wear It Innovation Summit. The European Commission has named us Europe’s leading conference on wearable technologies. This year we will extensively cover the future of performance and protective clothing in sports, lifestyle, and safety. For a limited time only until January 23rd, 2020, save 440 EURs when you purchase your ticket to the Wear It Innovation Summit 2020.

The image shows a demonstration of wearable technology presented at the Wear It Innovation Summit 2019.
Wear It Innovation Summit 2019

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