Top 5 Tools To Increase Your Productivity

For more than a month, our team started working fully from home, which came with some adjustments, especially for an agile startup such as Wear It Berlin. From staying in touch and rapidly reacting to different situations, to increasing productivity in order to achieve our goals, here are the tools that we couldn’t go without:


Slack has always been one of our team’s favourite tools because it’s so user-friendly from both the desktop and phone app. It allows us to to create channels by topic, team, or project so that the relevant team members are up-to-date and information doesn’t get lost. It’s also great for getting feedback or quick answers, without having to schedule a call. The tool’s favourite feature by our team is that it allows us to integrate other tools we use daily, such as Zoom, Asana or Google Drive. 


This project management tool allowed us to set individual and collective goals, track their progress and assign tasks easily. We like it because it also offers a lot of transparency on the long and short-term strategy, helps us kick off projects faster and report on projects. Other plus sides: you can connect it to Slack, and it offers an extension that allows you to add tasks quickly to your projects (whether from your desktop or phone app).


From daily standups and weekly team meetings to bilateral calls, Zoom is the app we got most accustomed to. Although we miss our usual meetings with coffee and cookies, Zoom allowed us to easily stay in touch, establish common goals, or just find solutions to issues that occur.


Hubspot is to our Partnership Management team what TikTok is to millennials – can’t go a day without it. We like this tool because it offers the possibility to track a deal’s entire cycle, set goals and deadlines and assign tasks easily.

G Suite

The full package offered by Google is one of the most important components in implementing processes in our team. It allows us to connect reach each other easily, work on documents together, make documents available to colleagues in individual departments and increase transparency.

Of course, productivity is about more than using tools. It’s about creating the right habits and building a company culture that supports the employees’ different needs and work styles. 

What are your favourite tools and habits? Let us know in the comments.