Medical Disruption

the future of health

The potential use of future health care devices is endless and creates a huge market within the wearable industry. At Wear It, we engage top speakers from fields of health-focused software and hardware developers, as well as medical institutions and creators of unique wearable products.

Companies involved

We are looking at Wear It Festival, collecting information what is it about, what is the next hype, what may happen here. Not only here because this will be carried out into the entire world.

Philipp Miehlich, General Manager Business Unit OEM at VARTA Microbattery

The search for innovative solutions and wearables is a big topic at the moment! Of course we deal with the issue and we see if we can work together with one or the other here at the event.

Ramin Scharifi, VW Garage – Connectivity Lab

Confirmed Speakers

Hamayal Choudhry

Founder & CEO at smartARM

Benoit Mariani

Founder & CEO at Gait Up SA

Max Ostermeier

CEO at Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH

Laura Bücheler

Managing Director at GHOST - feel it. GmbH

Thomas Dietrich

CEO at IVAM Microtechnology Network

Camil Moldoveanu

CEO & Co-Founder at re.flex

Kayvan Mirza

CEO and Co-Founder at Optinvent

Guido Knook

Head of Product at Mimi Hearing Technologies

Hugo Plácido da Silva

Researcher at IT - Instituto de Telecomunicações

These are your benefits

Benefits to healthcare solutions providers

  • Meet senior decision makers in the area of MedTech, Hospitals, Healthcare institutions & Influencers/Insiders

  • Conducts 45min Industry focus Masterclass with preselect/ pre-arranged MedTech/Healthcare professional

  • Obtain exclusive access to the senior delegation and present your services and products

  • Share your wishlist prospect list with our event Manager so we can try to arrange a meeting

  • Formal and informal networking in a professional setting that allows for focused business interactions.


Benefits to attendees from the healthcare sector

  • Key industry insight: Attend cutting-edge wearable conference sessions, obtain access to unique wearable Tech & Trends expertise and take away new solutions to your day-to-day business challenges

  • Benefit from focus Masterclass with preselect MedTech professional in focus group with max 10 attendees.

  • Meet senior decision makers in formal + informal networking: Network face to face with the world’s top executives, discuss and debate strategies with your peers and most knowledgeable experts in the wearable field, and rapidly build a network of new business relationships

  • Leading providers: Meet and make contact with leading wearable solution and service providers to solve your most pressing product design, innovation & R&D challenges.

Who will be attending from the medical industry?

  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare Institution
  • Govt
  • Health & Medical associations 
  • Future drugs Manufacture
  • Surgery & Medical equipment manufactures
  • Disability support and disability care equipment providers and manufacture
  • Robotic & prosthetic foot /ankle /arms manufacturer

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