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creating a new value chain

It is not just the finished product that counts… it is all the steps in the redefined value chain, that need to be considered when creating the future. At Wear It, we put a light on these aspects and join experts from product development related areas to give you the best possible insights so you can analyze and realize your idea and go on developing.

Companies involved

We are looking at Wear It Festival, collecting information what is it about, what is the next hype, what may happen here. Not only here because this will be carried out into the entire world.

Philipp Miehlich, General Manager Business Unit OEM at VARTA Microbattery

The search for innovative solutions and wearables is a big topic at the moment! Of course we deal with the issue and we see if we can work together with one or the other here at the event.

Ramin Scharifi, VW Garage – Connectivity Lab

Confirmed Speakers

Peter Bona

Head of Design at HUGO BOSS AG

Benoit Mariani

Founder & CEO at Gait Up SA

Sophie Gruber

Board Member at Austrian Space Forum

Andreas Lymberis

Head of Sector Wearables & Bioelectronics at European Commission, DG Communication Networks, Content and Technology

Georges Kotrotsios

Member of the Executive Board at CSEM

Andreas Warta

Key Account Manager at VARTA Microbattery GmbH

Jim McCann

Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Jacob Skinner

CEO at Thrive Wearables

Korina Molla

WORTH Coordinator at AITEX

Karin Fleck

CEO and Founder at Vienna Textile Lab

Wolfgang Huther

UX Designer at Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

Tony Olsson

Interaction Designer at Haptic Wearables

Jannic Hassing

UX Engineer at Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

Britta Moritzer

Sales at Statex Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH

Buenyamin Yildiz

Senior Consultant at Florenus

recent contributors

These are your benefits

Benefits to material and product development solutions providers

  • Meet senior decision makers in the area of smart materials, production, wearable compounds, circuits…

  • Conducts 45min Industry focus Masterclass with preselect/ pre-arranged material and product development professional

  • Obtain exclusive access to the senior delegation and present your services and products

  • Share your wishlist prospect list with our event Manager so we can try to arrange a meeting

  • Formal and informal networking in a professional setting that allows for focused business interactions.


Benefits to attendees from the material and product development sector

  • Key industry insight: Attend cutting-edge wearable conference sessions, obtain access to unique wearable Tech & Trends expertise and take away new solutions to your day-to-day business challenges

  • Benefit from focus Masterclass with preselect professional in focus group with max 10 attendees.

  • Meet senior decision makers in formal + informal networking: Network face to face with the world’s top executives, discuss and debate strategies with your peers and most knowledgeable experts in the wearable field, and rapidly build a network of new business relationships

  • Leading providers: Meet and make contact with leading wearable solution and service providers to solve your most pressing product design, innovation & R&D challenges.

Day 1
25 Jun 2019

Hightech Luxury Clothing

Peter Bona is highly motivated in creating, developing and evolving wearable technologies concepts, considering his background of Professional Snowboarder, Electrotechnical Engineer, and more than 23 years in fashion design and research (FILA 2 years, Zegna 12 years, and Hugo Boss 4 years). He has started at a young age to develop and design garments, first as a professional athlete and...
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Peter Bona

Spacesuit for the AMADEE-18 Mars Simulation

Sophie Gruber is a board member at the Austrian Space Forum, where she works in the project management team for Mars analogue missions and several space research projects. She is currently finishing her graduate degree in Physics at the University of Innsbruck. Since 2017, she is Austria´s National Point of Contact for the Space Generation Advisory Council. Sophie is also...
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Sophie Gruber

Energizing The Wearable Industry

Andreas Warta is a Key Account Manager at VARTA Microbattery GmbH for rechargeable and primary battery systems in central- and eastern-Europe. Andreas has a long experience in electrical engineering starting from high-frequency technology, network technology, measurement systems (x-ray, near-infrared) and electronic components.
Andreas Warta

Future Challenges In The Wearable Tech Industry- A European Perspective

Andreas Lymberis is a physicist, post-graduated with a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering and sciences (1990, Paris, France). He worked for more than 20 years as a researcher/engineer and R&D manager in biomedical technology and health telematics. In 1999 he joined the European Commission (Brussels, Belgium) as a scientific officer in eHealth where he initiated R&D activities on “smart wearable health...
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Andreas Lymberis

Worth Partnership Project & Re-FREAM

The two initiatives from the European Commission Will be presented. Both offer an opportunity for designers and start-ups to créate new and disruptive ideas.
Korina Molla

Limitless Sportswear

Tim is the CEO and Founder at KYMIRA, a life-conscious technology company with the sole aim of enhancing people’s lives through innovation, blending technology and biology in perfect harmony to release the limitless potential of human ability. KYMIRA produces wearable products that react and interact with the human body using patented technology to convert heat into energy and information, enhances...
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Tim Brownstone
Day 2
26 Jun 2019

UX and Digital assistance Designe

Language is the most natural interface for humans. And in moments when we don’t have a free hand, it’s also the most practical. The moment we interact with a voice interface, we automatically interpret a character behind this voice. What possibilities do we have to design such virtual personalities in such a way that they match the product or brand?
Wolfgang Huther

Smart textile innovations

This presentation will give an overview of the new paradigm of electrodes. Furthermore, it presents advantages of the ‘new’ electrodes as well as it gives an introduction of the range of applications and products suitable. Due to its great wearing comfort in comparison to standard electrodes, textile electrodes play more and more an important role within a variety of medical...
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Britta Moritzer

Making Sense of Motion

Benoit is an engineer from Supélec Paris and Ph.D. from EPFL, with 10+ years in movement science, wearable sensor technology, and entrepreneurship. He is the founder and CEO at Gait Up, delivering unmatched motion sensing products, which he successfully scaled up and lead to the acquisition by unicorn MindMaze in 2017.
Benoit Mariani

The Future of 3D Knitting Design

Knitting machines are wonderfully flexible fabrication tools that, with sufficient programming expertise, can be used to create sensing and actuated fabrics. In my lab at Carnegie Mellon University, we are building tools to allow everyone to design for these machines. These include our simple, low-level, universal knitting machine language (knitout) and advanced CAD tools for working with 3D forms (autoknit,...
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Jim McCann

Pushing the limits of Wearable Technology

Dr. Jacob Skinner is a product development expert, who works with people and technology to create user-driven products that offer real value. Especially passionate about wellbeing, health, and social impact projects, he works across disciplines to solve technical challenges in wearable technology and the wider IoT space. Alongside Dave Sandbach, he is the driving force behind Thrive Wearables, the design...
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Dr. Jacob Skinner

Biogenic dyes – an interesting alternative to synthetic dyes.

Karin Fleck holds a PhD in Applied Chemistry from the RMIT University, Melbourne Australia. She pursued a career in the oil and energy business before discovering the life of an entrepreneur. She runs her own energy consulting business and the Vienna Textile Lab.
Karin Fleck

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