Peter Bona

Head of Design at HUGO BOSS AG

Peter Bona

Head of Design at HUGO BOSS AG


Peter Bona is highly motivated in creating, developing and evolving wearable technologies concepts, considering his background of Professional Snowboarder, Electrotechnical Engineer, and more than 23 years in fashion design and research (FILA 2 years, Zegna 12 years, and Hugo Boss 4 years).

He has started at a young age to develop and design garments, first as a professional athlete and then working with athletes in sport sponsoring to improve and develop a new solution for technical equipment in FILA.
He translated his knowledge and learning in technical garments into classic sportswear concept at ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA group, to create a new way for urban sportswear and athleisure.
Always looking to sustainability and to final customer needs, he used his experience to create iconic outerwear pieces at ZEGNA SPORT and Z ZEGNA, melting his knowledge in electro technic with high-performance luxury garments starting in 2006, dropping on the market new technology never saw before in fashion world.
In the last 4 years, he joined HUGO BOSS AG also to innovate and continue to create “first in the world” concepts, evolving sustainability into next level of integration in creative products as Head of Design.




2006 – ZEGNA iJACKET : First jacket in the world to implement textile 30 pin connectors to control iPods from the garment.

2007 – ZEGNA BT-iJACKET : First luxury jacket in the market integrating Bluetooth connection and “voice call” with Ipod (and later iPhone) controller integrated into the garment.

2008 – ZEGNA SOLAR JACKET – First jacket in the world to include solar cells (+detachable and independent) can be used to recharge electronics with USB plug.

2009 to 2011 – ZEGNA SOLAR ECOTENE – First in the world full recycled jacket from raw plastic materials with integration of solar panel and heating system.

2012/2013 – ZEGNA ICON JACKET – Waterproof jacket to connect and control via joystick or voice your smartphone (first jacket can operate with SIRI). All pockets are made up to block electromagnetic waves comes from the smartphone that are potentially dangerous for the body.

2014 – ZEGNA ICON WARMER – The first jacket in the world to have a wireless recharging system, to store energy ca be used by a power bank to heat up an exclusive integrated heat panel.

2015 – HUGO BOSS NFC integration – First time a fashion brand implement NFC technology for communication in garments, to link Omnichannel to final customers, and reduce the usage of paper (hangtags, etc…).

2017 – HUGO BOSS APOLLO PROJECT – Waterproof fully seam taped style with integration of a transformable heat system can heat collar or shoulder area. The style is equipped with NFC for additional content, and doesn’t have any powerbank, included in order to allow final customer to use their ones if had (eg. Same used to recharging smartphones).

2018 – HUGO BOSS HSO (HEAT SYSTEM OUTERWEAR) JACKET – Waterproof fully seam taped style with the integration of an active heat system can heat back panel area.