Wear It Berlin Workshop at Flanders DC

On November 21st, 2019, Wear It Berlin led a workshop at Fashion Talks Antwerp, Belgium to mentor fashion & tech entrepreneurs from all over Europe.

On November 20, 2019, Flanders DC organized 24 promising companies from 11 countries to share their visions for the future of circular fashion, shopping, and wearable technology. The conference was organized within the framework of FashionTech Works and United Fashion. The conference was a phenomenal success thanks to the professional organization of Ann Claes and her team.

Fashion and technology entrepreneurs showcased innovative fashion concepts using the newest technology at the Fashion Talks Antwerp conference. Established companies to young achievers with an innovative project submitted their proposals and pitched their projects for expert consultation from wearable developers and experts, such as Wear It Berlin.

The winners are being announced.
A drumroll for the winners at Fashion Talks Antwerp.

As developers and field experts in wearable technologies Wear It Berlin is proud to collaborate with industry leaders, such as Fashion Talks Antwerp. Wear It Berlin is honored to be named by the European Commission as Europe’s leading conference on wearable technologies and welcomes industry leaders for collaboration.