IXDS meet up was a success!

Last Monday we invited our community to our Wearable Berlin meet up. As you are all aware, our meet ups are an opportunity for speakers to share their insightful ideas with the group, but they are also a chance for people to connect and exchange ideas with fellow makers, creators and designers. This was a satellite event leading up to our festival in September so was a great chance to meet the makers and creators, but to also learn more about the field of wearable tech by a number of key speakers. This month’s meet up was held at the IXDS office in Kreuzberg, and I must say it was a resounding success. Key speakers included Christian Bruns from Moon Berlin and Tiago Martins from the Design Research Lab; both expressing their relationship with wearables, their challenges, but also the secrets to their successes. Bruns explained the development of Moon Berlin, which is a fashion label dedicated to illuminating fashion. He provided prototypes and samples of his technology so guests could see and relate to the creations in real time. Martins, or the other hand talked about three approaches to wearable interfaces, helping to illustrate his experiences and frequent challenges with wearable technology. He took us on a journey from headbang hero, to the sneaker that can tweet. Guests then had the opportunity to ask questions, make suggestions and some even contributed to the evening by showcasing their own ideas.


The atmosphere was very friendly, approachable and interactive, with amazing feedback, so thank you all for making it so special.



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