The world´s first fashion tech party in zero gravity

Finally fashion tech reached zero gravity!

Desperados contacted us to build some unique Berlin lifestyle party LED pieces for their Bass Drop campaign. In 2013 our founder Thomas started the LED bicycling gang Trafo Pop and it kind of helped define a Berlin style in wearable lifestyle and trashtech party cloths. In the end the team produced 16 modular outfits from fully video capable vests to a 280 LED party helmet. The pieces are used with our own software.

It´s big step for us as designers and developers,
and a huge step for electronics in the fashion scene!

Art direction: Thomas Gnahm
Team: Lisa Wassong, Nayeli Vega, Mark Buyny, Stefan Hintz

>This is how it works:

A party is taking place inside of an airplane 30,000ft above Las Vegas. As the plane drops to 15,000ft so does the bass and when the bass drops so does the dance floor sending the crowd floating and dancing in zero gravity.


The crowd is entering the airplane


Inside a club like environment is set up


People getting ready


The pilot pulling full throttle


DJ Mike Cervello dropping the bass!


The dancefloor is dropping as well


The world´s first zero g party!


Some of our products in detail: