Meet the Wear It Team

We are a multidisciplinary super motivated team of designers and managers that are actually working as artists in the field of fashion and tech.

About us

Wear It was founded not only as a festival, but as a platform for this ongoing dialogue surrounding wearable technology to exist. Therefore we also organise local meetups, workshops and hackathons throughout the year in order to keep a consistent relationship with the wearable tech scene. Wear It prides itself on values of accessibility and open source in order to maximise creativity, sharing and innovation in this sector, thus proving the perfect platform for makers to create and develop new and exciting innovations.

What makes Wear It particularly special is that it was founded by a group of makers who each have a unique insight into the world of wearable technology and the endless possibilities that can be created. Together, with our expertise, as well as the expertise of exhibitors, designers and creators, we can create truly disruptive applications and break the mould.