constanza+LAB is a 21st century experimental fashion design laboratory.
We work on smart garments, wearables and interactive design. Our fashiontech project is a hybrid ecosystem that merges crafts and technology with innovation and sustainability in a non-invasive, natural and organic way.

Our mission is to expand our minds by expanding our senses. Implementing new technologies in our designs, we improve the way we work and live adapting them to human circumstances and context.

Our proposal is SUPERPOWER CLOTHING: we believe that merging fashion and technology will make clothes and garments a new skin layer. They will become an organic, flexible and smart interface to communicate and understand ourselves at a brand new level.

Passionate about her work, Constanza builds up an intimate narrative while focusing on creativity and design as a driving force for change and simplifying life. Fashion is a reflection of our times and our society. It’s a privileged vehicle for the generation of ideas that question our way of living.