Safewatch Life Saving Device for SIEMENS

Project Info

Client Siemens
Skills Product Design, Hardware and Software Development

Project Description

Each year, approximately ten people die on track during maintenance work – in Germany alone!

Siemens asked us to develop a device that would alert workers of incoming trains. The goal is to protect the workers from incoming trains and other dangers.

During a few months we produced ten testable prototypes that are connected to a online server system (frontend and backend) that we programmed as well. The devices last for at least eight hours and come in a suitcase that will also serve as a charging station on site.

The safewatch devices locate the workers, establish an internet connection and stay in touch with our safety server. In case of emergency the server sends out an alarm to all devices located in a danger zone. In alert mode the devices send out an audio signal, a red flashing alarm light and vibrate at the same time. The server frontend which is mobile friendly offers the possibility to draw in danger zones easily and is able to connect to APIs in order to receive tracking information, e.g. of trains.

How can a corporate like Siemens move as fast as a startup BUT use all the incredible skills of a big company when it comes to scaling?

Our project #safewatch in collaboration with Wear It Berlin GmbH is a great example for Intrapreneurship and innovation between both worlds!

Philipp Wehn Digital Innovation Manager at Siemens Mobility GmbH

The device was first time demonstrated in public at Wear It Innovation Summit in Berlin: